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Translation of the Greek New Testament began early on in the history of Christianity. Apparently no translations were made into Hebrew. Why?

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To expand on Kenneth Bakke’s answer: the Jewish Christians who were the original Christian movement appear to have survived into the 5th century. We don’t know that much about them, but we do know that they had their own Gospels (Jewish–Christian gospels). They certainly would not have had any time for the Gospel of John, […]

What’s the hamartia (fatal flaw) in your story?

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Tags: A good question, and I hope to hear more stories from others. Hamartia is about viewing your life as an Aristotelean tragedy. So, The Decalogue of Nick #2: I’ve trained as a linguist, and I have done computational linguistics stuff by Nick Nicholas on Opɯdʒɯlɯklɑr In Exile Scratch me just a little bit, and […]

Can you write a limerick about a Quoran?

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Masiello. Pegah. Jimmy Liu.Sophie Dockx. Laura Hale. Ulrich, Guzman. Lisa Lai. Jian Sun. By and by,all are gone. And then, me. And then: You. Answered Jul 24, 2017 [Question since deleted. Originally posted on]

What cultural factors caused the ecstatic, almost religious reaction to Wagner’s operas in the second half of the nineteenth century?

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This isn’t the answer, and I hope it will trigger an answer from the more knowledgeable. Notions of human-crafted art as an expression of the sublime are not particularly new. But in the 19th century, art inspired not merely “almost” religious reactions; it actually came to occupy the place of a surrogate religion. This was […]

The tribunal of the marshals

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The tribunal of the marshals by Nick Nicholas on The Insurgency These two paragraphs indicate that reports against Top Writers are scrutinised by Quora Staff, in order to determine their validity, before any sanction is applied. Reports against other writers, by implication, are not subject to the same scrutiny, if any.… (The tribunal des […]

Guest Post: Alfredo Perozo, Ultima Ratio Regum

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In https://galleryofawesomery.quora…, Alfredo Perozo has portrayed everyone’s favourite bot in a little more detail than I have done: the definition of ultima ratio regum the final argument of kings (a resort to arms): motto engraved on the cannon of Louis XIV. And on some executioners’ axes… Posted 2017-07-22 [Originally posted on]

Could the Quora bots pass the Turing Test by being mistaken for stupid uneducated humans?

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Some might query whether this question is insincere, and a pretext for complaining about Moderation by Bot. I am not of that number. Our interaction with Quora Moderation is a preview of our interaction with Artificial Intelligence in general, as it becomes more and more widespread. We’re getting more of it here on the Quoras, […]

With which popular traditions, tales, and legends is the cuckoo related in your country’s folklore?

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Cuckoo – Wikipedia In Europe, the cuckoo is associated with spring, and with cuckoldry, for example in Shakespeare‘s Love’s Labours Lost. In fact, cuckold is derived from cuckoo. In Greek, the cuckoldry association has not captured people’s imagination: that’s all about horns (presumably via deer). The proverbial expressions about cuckoos are quite unlike the associations […]

What motivates you to write?

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A2A by Abigail (Abbey) Beach. See, Liana? I’m not ignoring your A2As; it just takes me a while to get through them. By the time I met PROF Anne FREADMAN, I was the departmental IT guy, setting up Macs, and misquoting Peirce to her, a Peirce specialist. She certainly did not owe me any academic […]

What is the most compelling, captivating, and impossible-to-put-down book you’ve ever read?

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I started reading this book early in the evening: Bare-faced Messiah I did not put it down until 10 am the following morning. I did not sleep; I just kept reading and reading. The narrative it presented, of L Ron sinking into his own mythos on board a Sea Org cruise ship meandering through the […]

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