Hong Kong once again

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Last time I was in Honkers airport

Once again, I am in Hong Kong airport, waiting to get back on the plane to *shudder* Heathrow. Wonder if I’ll end up in Manchester Or Something airport again.

It being 6:30 am local time, the duty free shops are closed; so yet again I avoid the eeePC Temptation of Nick:

  • How adorable the eeePC is!
    • But I don’t need one, I already have a laptop.

  • But you could do, like, impromptu blogposts and stuff, and type on your palm without it being a Palm.
    • I don’t want a Windows machine anywhere near me, and I doubt my wireless modem will work on Linux.

  • Pish tush, you’ll be on campus anyway. And it’ll be so much smaller and more convenient than your laptop!
    • 13″ down to 10″ is a non-starter, what’s the point. 8″ may be too small to type on.

  • Oh, it won’t be. Anyway, you can well afford it.
    • AUD 650 dutyfree for a machine I don’t actually need, when there are Expensive Roman Blinds to put up chez Nick? I doubt that very much.

I have four more airports of temptation to clear before this cup is removed from me. After that, I’m probably free to save my dosh unless those Apple Netbook rumours materialise.

What’s that? The plane’s not leaving till 8 am? Hm, may just casually stroll past that duty free electronics shop after all…

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