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For those of you keeping score, a shout out to my tuthree loyal blog readers, for staying subscribed even though I had not updated in nine months.

A shoutout to my friends who have been waiting for a status update on Facebook for about a year, and will have to settle for this instead.

A shoutout to my friends who optimistically thought I might at least do updates on Twitter. Eh, yeah. Get back to you on that.

A shoutout to my sister, for landing the promotion and dodging the bullet. I kept glibly saying she’d be fine; it’s great to know that in the end, she was.

A shoutout to my friend George, who pleads antiquity of computer for not being able to read the blog, but did have the incisiveness to comment “You, having a blog just for when you travel—a fine perversion that is!”

A shoutout to Keith Jeffery, whose charger I borrowed to confirm that the eeePC I bought actually worked.

Er, yeah. I bought it in the end. Temptation mumble mumble. £150 with 4 + 12 GB drive, surely a steal. And surely it *was* a steal: the charger they were puzzling over for not working didn’t work because it was a 9.5V charger for the eeePC 700, and not a 12V charger for the eeePC 900. The bloody thing will cost me $40 extra; it already cost me €15 in taxi money because I didn’t check that shops in Amsterdam are closed Mondays till 1 pm (though that did at least get me out of Centrum and into the actual city of Amsterdam). And, uh, haven’t gotten to play with it much yet. When I’m back, it shall be the envy of every café-goer in Melbourne! ‘Cept that they’ll all have one already…

A shoutout to Flevoland, for remaining above water. Next time I’ll try and visit. (Andrew Treloar just biked over; alas, I am ill at such numbers.)

A shoutout to Sebastian for hosting me tonight.

A shoutout to The Lower Countries, for being The Lower Countries.

A shoutout to the Australian and British taxpayer, for their unwitting sponsorship of my work travel.

A shoutout to work, for having me both travel and use my brain, though not necessarily simultaneously at all times.

A shoutout to my work colleagues, for putting up with me in not one blog, but two.

And a shoutout to you, dear reader, wherever and whenever you may be.

OK, enough hippy crap. Booze waits at la bella Nimega.

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  • John Cowan says:

    That’s the great thing about feedreaders: they don’t care how long it’s been since you posted.

    And Flevoland should really be called Agroland. Nothing to see there, unless you’re fascinated by lots of grass and vegetables (and even then, I’d recommend the U.S. Great Plains, which at least has some history).

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