What are the best minimalist pieces to listen to for those new to the minimalist style?

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Some good answers here.

There are two answers to the question.

The wrong answer (though the one I prefer) is: what are some not very minimalist pieces, which I will enjoy listening to as someone unfamiliar with the style?

The answer to that includes some of my favourite 20th century pieces:

  • Most things John Adams did in the 1980s, up to Nixon in China, which was his farewell to minimalism
  • Philip Glass’ Akhnaten
  • Steve Reich’s Tehilim

The problem with that is, you’re not really learning minimalism that way.

The right answer is to do what I did in my early 20s. Strap yourself in a chair, put on a true minimalist piece, and DO NOT MOVE until you get into it. The ones I used were:

  • Steve Reich’s Violin Phase
  • Philip Glass’ Einstein On The Beach

Even more basic than that, Steve Reich’s Clapping.

Noone here’s mentioning the Holy Minimalists, Pärt and Tavener. That’s probably right.

EDIT: No, Pärt’s been mentioned…

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