How many of you are aware of atrocities done by the Assyrians, Armenians and Kurds in 1918 in Western Azerbaijan?

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A2A from Pegah. Same answer as User. I know of the Armenian genocide, and the counterclaims of Armenians massacring Turks. Being Greek, I have been disinclined to research the counterclaims too seriously. I wouldn’t be surprised if the statistics of Azeris killed were conscripted into the statistics of Turks killed. But no, I was not aware of it.

Not the answer you deserve. I’m sorry.

And thank you for putting it the way you did, Pegah. Who was killed must matter more than who did the killing.

EDIT: About not knowing.

Georges Drettas wrote a grammar of Pontic Greek in 1995. The texts he gathered for the grammar talked about how life was in the Black Sea, before the population exchanges. The Pontic Greeks overlapped geographically with the Armenians. The texts make no mention of the Armenian genocide.

Drettas’ conclusion: the Pontic Greeks did not mention the Armenian genocide, not because it didn’t happen, but because they didn’t care. That’s what relations between ethnic groups in the Ottoman Empire looked like.

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