Have you already had your “15 minutes of fame?” and if yes, would you tell us what was it?

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What was your “15 minutes of fame”?

Oh, that’s easy.

Hamlet – Klingon Language Wiki

translators: Nick Nicholas and Andrew Strader

Good to know someone read the footnotes: Klingon <i>Hamlet</i> Revisited

Until I googled the pic, I had no idea about the 2015 German edition. Which looks way cooler:

Hope it’s the Schlegel & Tieck translation. Eh, I mean Crude Federation Parody. Of course.

For a few years afterwards, I’d get these vague filtered distortions of me coming through the Interwebs. “Did you hear about some nutjob linguist who translated the whole Bible into Klingon? And all of Shakespeare? And he taught his kid to speak Klingon? And then he demanded that the government provide him a Klingon translator? What a loser! What a legend! What a loser!”

The pinnacle was when Michael Dorn himself, visiting Australia, muttered, “Some guy has even translated Shakespeare. I don’t know why these guys aren’t curing cancer instead or something.”

That job, Mr wI’orv, I leave to Habib Fanny.

(All medical researchers, and for that matter all doctors, are working on curing cancer. Aren’t they?)

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