Quorans describe your reaction to the 2016 US elections with an emoji and why?

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As noted here:

Nick Nicholas’ answer to Why do some questions, answers, and messages on Quora contain figures like this: U0001f60f?

Only Plane 0 Unicode emoji will render in the Quora text editor:

⏱ ☃☹☺☻♨⛄⛱✊✋✌

I wish to convey a negative yet hopeful reaction. So:

☹ It’s sad, and

♨⛄Lots of stuff will melt down, and

☺☻Racial harmony in the US may well be even more compromised,

⛱ But meanwhile you will be able to enjoy your summers

☃ And your winters

✋✋ While you mull over converting your open hands

✊Into Defiance, for

⏱In time

✌ There will be new Victories

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