Day: February 7, 2017

Why do Australians really dislike Aborigines?

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My fellow nationals, let us not hide behind our finger. (I think that’s a Greek expression.) Yes, I’m sure none of us here are racist. But racism against Aboriginal Australians is there, and visitors to Australia regularly manage to chronicle it. (It’s the one dark aspect of Bill Bryson’s otherwise panegyrical Down Under/In A Sunburned […]

I didn’t understand the last scene of Whiplash. What does the ending mean? Why does Andrew continue to play after the end signal from Fletcher?

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I had a slightly different take on the final scene, and I’m a little surprised that nobody else had the same take. Must be just me then. Yes, Andrew starts playing out of spite, because he’ll show Fletcher what he’s made of, and he’s happy to disrupt Fletcher’s show while doing it. But as Andrew […]