Museum of Greek folk instruments: woodwinds

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Flutes are another instrument that did not go professional, and fell out of practice in modernity. The distinction between the flogera and the souravli, the open flute and the ducted flute, is not one I have any idea about:

The museum has a proud array of flogeras and souravlis:

And in the bottom right corner, it has an array of madoura, Cretan proto-clarinets (pipes with a reed).

A lot of instruments have been revived recently in Cretan practice, after a century of exclusive lyra and laouto pairs. The thiamboli, the Cretan ducted flute, I saw being revived well in Rhodes by the Pallini music high school. The madoura, I have yet to hear, outside of askomadoura, “bag-clarinet”—the Cretan name for bagpipes.

“Primitive” clarinets were also tried out in Macedonia, before being replaced with the professional, Western-produced item, brought to Greece by Roma musicians:

The instrument that the Western clarinet really displaced on the mainland was the zurna or pipiza, the shawm: a proto-oboe rather than proto-clarinet (double reed):

Pipizë is the Albanian name of the instrument, which is why pipiza is used for the instances from Attica (most of which before modernity spoke Arvanitika.)

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