The Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments

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This museum was a delight, which is a bit surprising, considering it was just three floors of musical instruments in cases. But I had a broad grin going through it, seeing the historical development of instruments and instrumentation choices, and a couple of times being presented with instruments I’d never heard of.
The pictured toumpi, for example, drum from Sitia, corresponding to the more widespread daouli.
I’ve never heard a drum in a Cretan folk performance. Not even this past decade, when every instrument that wasn’t the lyra & lute has been revived.
I tried to photograph every single exhibit in the musuem; if only I had a steadier hand, which would lead to more in-focus photos…
… I will post them in fact, just give me time: there’s a lot, and there’s an evolutionary narrative to go with them.

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