On quantified affirmation

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For a Greece Greek, the use of dialect in this graffiti is adorable. The thing is though, Cypriots don’t write graffiti in dialect to be adorable, they write it because that is their language.
May be an image of rear-view mirror and text
Ναι + ναι = ναι
Ναι + όι = όι
Ναι + εμμ = όι

Yes + yes = yes

Yes + no = no
Yes + maybe = no
They’re let down by Greek script btw: that’s Turkish hem for “maybe”, and I’m reasonably sure they pronounce the h. Telltale blot at the start of the word.
Left as a thought exercise:
Aye + aye = aye
Aye + nae = nae
Aye + mibbie = nae

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