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What can I do with a humanities PhD?

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What do all those physics PhDs end up doing? A whole lot of running computer systems. An incidental skill they picked up during their apprenticeships. What incidental skill have you picked up during your apprenticeship? Critical thinking. Analysis and synthesis of disparate information. Communication skills. Research skills. Project management. Where can you apply those skills, […]

What are some down sides of doing PhD in an Australian university than that of the USA?

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The other respondents have covered it well. I’ll still answer redundantly. No coursework; so you can emerge with gaps in your knowledge about the discipline. I know I did. Not necessarily much of a seminar culture (may vary by faculty); so much less opportunity to refine your ideas against your peers. Much less networking opportunities, […]

What is your personal experience with obtaining a linguistics degree?

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My story is common to that of many people who did a PhD out of hope and idealism, and got crushed by reality. This is not to discourage you to do linguistics as such, but to keep your eyes open. And read people like Rebecca Schuman at Slate. So. I was always interested in languages, […]

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