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What are some sentences that make perfect sense to you but sound like gibberish to most people?

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Opening up my Master’s thesis randomly, this para makes all the sense in the world to me, and I’m sure it makes somewhat less sense to most. Unlike volitionality or temporality, these principles underlying these relations cannot be captured by a referential, truth-conditional semantics. The relationships described by these relations are not real-world relations; they […]

What is the difference between drawing a limit to what can be said, and simply disallowing certain kinds of talk?

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I’m in more sympathy with Yonatan Gershon’s answer and its free speech absolutism than with Ted Wrigley’s answer which relies on intent. Intent is a very hard thing to diagnose, and I’m not sure I trust a judiciary allied to power to judge it fairly; and of course, any dissidence can be regarded as disruptive […]

Should I just stop trying to be more likable, and be myself if I have found a way to do it with out hurting or offending others?

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Abigail, I go all Michaelis Maus whenever I see unanimity. I go all the more Michaelis Maus now that Michaelis has been banned. It’s hard for me to, because the OP (who has since deleted their account) put in the proviso: “without hurting or offending others”. But pay attention to that: they had to. Being […]

Why has there been so much political resistance to legalizing gay marriage in Australia?

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Ah, recentism. As Ben Kelley’s answer reflects, but not enough answers have acknowledged, dragging one’s feet about gay marriage has become a bipartisan thing. Gay marriage has become a flashpoint for the current culture war in Australia; the ex-PM and leader of the conservative faction of the Liberals, Tony Abbott, announced that if you’re sick […]

Why is “cunt” considered very offensive in the US but not in Australia?

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Posted in categories: Culture, Language Originally Answered: Why is the word ‘cunt’ so offensive in America? Because in America, as distinct from the Commonwealth, cunt is a reductive description of women, when used as an epithet. In the Commonwealth, the epithet mainly refers to men. It is certainly strong, but it can and is used jocularly, and even as […]

What day of the week are sad songs associated with in your culture, and why?

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I’m OP, and this question comes from a discussion I had with Evangelos Lolos at… For Greek, it seems to be Sunday. Cloudy Sunday (Συννεφιασμένη Κυριακή), the #1 sad song for the postwar generation. I want it to be a Sunday (on the day I die) (Θέλω να είναι Κυριακή). Hammer and Anvil (Σφυρί […]

If you had to pray to any saint right now, to which would you pray?

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Normally I wouldn’t wade in to such a question, but there are eight answers here, and none of them are by people who accept the premiss of the question, the Intercession of saints. Thank you for volunteering the opinion that all Catholic and Orthodox Christians are idolaters, Protestant and Muslim respondents, but clearly that’s not […]

Translation of the Greek New Testament began early on in the history of Christianity. Apparently no translations were made into Hebrew. Why?

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To expand on Kenneth Bakke’s answer: the Jewish Christians who were the original Christian movement appear to have survived into the 5th century. We don’t know that much about them, but we do know that they had their own Gospels (Jewish–Christian gospels). They certainly would not have had any time for the Gospel of John, […]

With which popular traditions, tales, and legends is the cuckoo related in your country’s folklore?

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Cuckoo – Wikipedia In Europe, the cuckoo is associated with spring, and with cuckoldry, for example in Shakespeare‘s Love’s Labours Lost. In fact, cuckold is derived from cuckoo. In Greek, the cuckoldry association has not captured people’s imagination: that’s all about horns (presumably via deer). The proverbial expressions about cuckoos are quite unlike the associations […]

What is the most compelling, captivating, and impossible-to-put-down book you’ve ever read?

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I started reading this book early in the evening: Bare-faced Messiah I did not put it down until 10 am the following morning. I did not sleep; I just kept reading and reading. The narrative it presented, of L Ron sinking into his own mythos on board a Sea Org cruise ship meandering through the […]

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