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What are the greatest expressions, phrasal verbs or quotes from other languages you know (not your mother tongue)?

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The best saying of Ancient Greek ever comes from the very end of Ancient Greek. When Julian (emperor), last Roman advocate of paganism, was asked what he thought of Christianity, he said: ἀνέγνων. ἔγνων. κατέγνων. It’s a truly magnificent pun. Literally, it means: I up-knew, I knew, I down-knew. “To up-know” is the Greek for […]

Does Knowledge require denotation?

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An interesting question, Anon. Denotation means many related things, in different disciplines, and in all of them, I believe the answer is no. Denotation is a not a sufficient prerequisite for knowledge. Going through Denotation: In linguistics and semiotics, knowing the denotation/sense of a word is knowing only a narrow subset of its meaning: you […]

What made up Greek term could be used for this pretend medical speciality; “The study and exploration of careers for doctors.”?

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I’m going to continue with James Cottam’s coinage, done in comments to James Cottam’s answer to Does this made up Latin/Greek word, Vitaemedology, make sense for the following phrase “The study of careers for doctors.” iatrurgology ἰατρουργολογία. Doctor work-ology. But let’s see what others have to say… Answered 2016-09-14 [Originally posted on]

How would you describe the dialect and accent of the languages which you can speak?

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Ooh! Ooh! All the good people are here! (And if not, they will be, dammit.) The languages I speak or have spoken with some degree of spontaneity: English, Greek, French, German, Italian, Latin, Esperanto, Lojban, Klingon *deep breath* English Australian English, probably General vanilla. Nothing particularly “ethnic” about my accent (the “woggy” accent of my […]

A comic strip on Arnold von Harff

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This is for Dimitra Triantafyllidou and for Kelvin Zifla. It’s in Greek, so it’s not for most of you. One of the first records of Albanian is in the travelogue of Arnold von Harff, as he went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem via the Balkans in 1496. Everywhere he went, he recorded a few words […]

rur rur rur

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Fishing for links to Greek linguistics blogs on my own Greek linguistics blog, I fell across this Catherine Tate sketch (for the second time) via Λογογράμματα: Hominid @ Λογογράμματα‘s comment was: Στους αγγλόφωνους, τουλάχιστον, οι υπόλοιπες γλώσσες δεν ακούγονται μόνο σαν βαρ, βαρ, βαρ… Ho esti methermēneuomenon: For Anglophones, at least, other languages don’t just […]

The Complutensian Polyglot, ahead of the times

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In re: As I had added into the Wikipedia entry, the Complutensian Polyglot edition of the Bible in the 1520s marked the highpoint of the initial trend in Greek typography to come up with an unconnected Greek typeface. By the time of the Complutensian, 40 years in from the first attempts of the 1470s, […]

Ο Νικολάου Τοναμύντωρ

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In re: Ξαναδιάβαζα χτες τις σελίδες του φίλου Νίκο Σαραντάκου για τη γλώσσα, μεταξύ των οποίων και καταδίκες για το φαινόμενο της υπεράσπισης του πολυτονικού, ως το πιο πρόσφατο επεισόδιο στη διαμάχη γλωσσαμυντόρων και… άλλων γλωσσαμυντόρων. (Για να μην ξεχνάμε την εύστοχη παρατήρηση του Πήτερ Μάκριτιζ, πως η λογοτεχνική δημοτική δεν ήταν λιγότερο τεχνητή […]

Ορολογία για ψηφιακές βιβλιοθήκες

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In re: Έπεσα τυχαία στην παραπάνω σελίδα καθώς έψαχνα τα του νέου μου επαγγέλματος. Καράφλιασα με την καταχώρηση: * Οντολογίες (Ontologies) … !! Και επίσης άσχημο μου φάνηκε το αμετάφραστο Tutorials. Όσο για το “Μάνατζμεντ” βιβλιοθηκών αντί διαχείρηση — νισάφι! Βέβαια μετά μια ματιά στα μιξοεγγλέζικα του Μάξιμ ελληνιστί (ε, ο θεός να τα […]

The tale of φαῖο

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In my capacity of working on the lemmatisation of Greek for the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae project, verbs are much more of a hassle than nouns, because Greek verbs just have more latitude to do idiosyncratic stuff than nouns. The running joke with Greek verbs, in fact, is that there is no such thing as a […]

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