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Rolandina Ronchaia

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Cross-posted from https://opuculuk.quora.com/Rolandina-Roncaglia In 1355, Rolandino Ronchaia was burned alive in Venice for sodomy. The Lords of the Night (Signori della Notte), the magistrates who condemned Rolandino, kept meticulous notes, and those notes proved a rich quarry for Guido Ruggiero, when he wrote one of his first books, The Boundaries of Eros: Sex Crime and Sexuality […]

The Authority of Nasrudin

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I’ve just posted at The Other Place on Nasrudin, the Muslim comic hero whose stories also pervade Greece and Cyprus. I finished my post there with a Nasrudin joke from Wikipedia, which I chose to render in Ancient Greek (and in the process forget the declension of “this”.) Here’s the joke again: A neighbour comes […]

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