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.sig quoting Marcel Cohen, corrected

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My listing of email signatures, from a simpler, Web 1.0 world, has often served as a conversation starter for my friend John Cowan, if I can judge from random googlings (first comment down). The listing includes the following citation of the French-born author Marcel Cohen writing in Judezmo: No saves, Antonyo, lo ka es morirse […]

OK, *now* I’m back

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Finally back from my Sydney trip—was at the eResearch Australasia conference for a week, and stuck around the most beautiful city in the world for the weekend. That kind of beauty, one should only consume in moderation, lest one start to take it for granted. And end up a Sydneysider. So I’m finally going to […]

Still not posting

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I’ve been pretty busy since leaving New Orleans, so I’m continuing not to be active here. Distractions have included, in order: Getting lots of indices nominum at the TLG (which have soaked up a lot of spare time, entering names and spelling variations into the TLG lemmatiser) Attending the 2009 TLG Conference Having two laptops […]

I’m back…

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… from the States, and so is my dead sexy new laptop. MacBook Pro 15″, 2.66 MHz, aluminium resplendence. Because my new laptop was in carry-on luggage (and a slightly awkward size), my old laptop along with my eeePC were in checked-in luggage. By the time I got to Australia, they were not. Someone has […]

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