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… from the States, and so is my dead sexy new laptop. MacBook Pro 15″, 2.66 MHz, aluminium resplendence.

Because my new laptop was in carry-on luggage (and a slightly awkward size), my old laptop along with my eeePC were in checked-in luggage.

By the time I got to Australia, they were not.

Someone has spoken of the TSA as Stasi Dinner Theatre. Myself, I’m even less inclined to use American airports now than before.


  • Peter says:

    N, with each visit to the states that I make, the people just look fatter to me. It's a rare site to see an American without a "diet" soda in one hand and a bag of chips in the other. Even family and friends who have moved down to the states look fatter to me. The constant refrain to me during breakfast, lunch, or supper by my lovely aunt when I would stay at her home in Florida was, Δεν έφαγες. Έλα τώρα . . . μη με στενοχωρής . . . τρώγε το φαΐ σου. These were portions, btw, that would, in most places on earth, have fed a family of four . . . and then some!

    P.S. Did you pay for the computers by credit card? If so, they may be insured against theft, within a certain time period, of course.

  • opoudjis says:

    @ John: true, it could well have been any number of baggage handlers; but unlike the baggage handlers, I *know* TSA have been in my luggage. And of course they're a lightning rod for traveller ire. That's what you get for institutionalising Stasi Dinner Theatre.

    @Tania: I hadn't given my laptops names like you have. Wonder if that would have helped them come home…

    @Peter: I'm sure Tonga's in the running there too. (Dietary disaster area of Western cuisine meeting Polynesian physiques.)

  • Peter says:

    You're back. Great!

    So, what do you think about Americans? Are they the fattest people on the planet or what?

  • tania says:

    ugh, that sucks. I just packed both my computers in my hand luggage on my flights home. Just about killed me on my day trip about Singapore, but at least I guess they both made it home…

  • John Cowan says:

    To be fair, any organization that X-rays checked baggage (pretty much a worldwide practice at this point) gives unlimited opportunity to its employees to steal as well. It wasn't necessary The Gummint this time.

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