What do you suck at?

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Ah, a soon-to-be 100+ answers question that Quora would block as a poll question, but should not because it is community building.


When I was in high school, I went to the Victoria-wide tryouts for the student version of the Sale of the Century game show. I do believe I can find some pictorial material relating to this…

… Ah yes. The first flush of youth.

The first stage of the tryouts was a written test.

I got the top score in the room.

The second stage involved hitting a buzzer if you knew the answer to a question.

I was out first round.

Remembering events.

I’m great at remembering facts. Outstanding. Positively freaky. The human encyclopaedia.

Things that happened? I think the most frequent phrase I use to my wife is “I don’t remember.”

Which is a downer when she’s trying to reminisce with me about anything.

—Remember when we went to that lovely restaurant in the hills?

—I don’t remember.

—And when we were listening to Kenny G in the car park?

—I don’t remember.

—So what are we doing for our anniversary?

—I don’t remember.

—What do you remember?

—I don’t remember.

Visual Arts.

I know, it’s hard to believe given the quality of my pictorial contributions to Quora.

But astonishingly, I don’t get the visual arts. Poetry and music are where I’ve always been paying attention.

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