What is the first image when you Google your name?

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Nick Nicholas. You wouldn’t think it’d be that popular a name, right? And yet, I’m the SIXTH Nick Nicholas here: Nick Nicholas’ answer to Are you the first to have registered with your name or did a homonym or namealike register before you?

The Nick Nicholas’s that do show up change; there was a jazz musician, there was an anti-spam programmer, there was the CEO of Time, there was a magician, there was a car salesman…

… these days:

  1. A gynecologist in Middlesex
  2. A golf writer in Florida
  3. Me (LinkedIn)
  4. Me (Academia.edu)
  5. Me (my homepage)
  6. The car salesman, in Florida. (So that’s what he looks like…)

The next hit is “Nick (Nicholas) Ilyadis”. “Nick (Nicholas) X” comes up a lot when I ego-surf.

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