Classical Music: what I do and don’t know

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As a guide to contributors, this is what I already know in music, and what I’d like to know more of. The latter is in boldface.

Classical Music.

  • Perotin
  • Stuff between Perotin and Ars Subtilior
  • Ars Subtilior
  • Stuff between Ars Subtilior and Corelli
    • Liked Byrd. Freaked out by Vincenzo Galilei. Liked Schutz.
  • Corelli
  • Bach, Bach, Bach
  • Mozart, Mozart
    • Love the Clarinet Quintet, the Requiem, the last symphonies, the Violin Concertos. Liked the operas, need to revisit. Need piano concertos. Needs to be convinced everything else is not fluff
  • Beethoven, Beethoven
    • Love the symphonies. Challenged by the Grosse Fuge. Know very little else.
  • Anything between Beethoven and Wagner
    • Love Berlioz Requiem and Symphonie Fantastique, enough not to call him French. Will gradually make peace with Chopin
  • Wagner
    • Have heard the Ring once, and that was 30 years ago
  • Brahms
    • Love the 4th. That’s all I know.
  • Mahler, Mahler, Mahler
  • Berg, Berg
    • Love the Violin Concerto and Wozzeck. Not sure I’d love anything else
  • Shostakovich, Shostakovich
    • Love the symphonies, the preludes & fugues, the cello concertos, and the 8th string quartet. Am OK with Rayok, but it’s not as subversive as he thought it is. Need to know more.
  • Stravinsky, Stravinsky
    • Know the standard Stravinsky Mark #1 stuff; fascinated by Les Noces. Loved Pulcinella, Symphony of Psalms and Oedipus Rex, need to know more Stravinsky Mark #2 stuff. Doubtful will like Stravinsky Mark #3, but I’m OK with the Requiem Canticles.
  • John Adams
    • I think I’ve tuned out of what he did post-Klinghoffer though.

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