What are the best public high schools with high ATARs in Melbourne (co-ed or girls only)?

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School League Tables.

Mpf. They’re not all they’re cracked up to be. Is the point of education to get you into a top ranking uni course? Or to make a decent citizen of you?

At any rate, the current rankings for Victoria are out at:

VCE School Ranking – 2016

If we exclude boys’ schools, then that nukes my own alma mater, Melbourne High School, as well as Yeshivah College. That alone earns you my undying resentment. 🙂

The top ten this year are:

  1. Bialik College. Jewish, Co-ed.
  2. MacRobertson Girls’ High. Selective Public, Girls’. (Sister school to Melbourne High)
  3. Mount Scopus. Jewish, Co-ed.
  4. (Yeshivah, Jewish, Boys: nuked.)
  5. (Melbourne High, Selective Public, Boys: nuked.)
  6. Loreto Mandeville Hall. Catholic, Girls’. (Btw, the denomination doesn’t mean that much for Christian schools: my Greek Orthodox third cousin went there.)
  7. Shelford Girls’ Grammar. Anglican, Girls’.
  8. Ruyton Girls’ School. Non-denominational Private, Girls’.
  9. Ballarat Clarendon College. Uniting Church, Co-ed. (Not in Melbourne)
  10. Haileybury Girls’ College. Anglican, Girls’.

The traditionally prestige Boys’ schools are actually a long way down the list: Scotch College is #28, Melbourne Grammar is #33.

The top government co-ed school is Nossal High at #34, but it is selective like Melbourne High. The top government normal neighbourhood school is Balwyn High, at #41.

And yes, girls’ are outperforming boys’ schools. To a far greater extent than I’d anticipated.

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