What are some stereotypes of the different Australian states?

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Some stereotypes are to listed here: Aaron O’Connell’s answer to What are some cultural differences between the states of Australia?

Here’s mine:

  • South Australians: more prim, more English. Boringest state capital city ever.
  • New South Welshmen: enemies to the Victorians. Sydneysiders: Uncouth, arrogant.
  • Victorians: enemies to the New South Welshmen. Melburnians: Stuck-up hipsters, arrogant.
  • Tasmanians: inbred, farmers.
  • Queenslanders: reactionary, Deep North, insane.
  • Northern Territory: Crocodile Dundee.
  • Western Australia: Nouveau riche miners. Don’t want to be in the same country as the rest of us.
  • Australian Capital Territory: Public servants. Boringest national capital city ever.

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