Did anyone from your high school become famous?

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Nicole Livingstone: Nicole Dawn Livingstone, OAM (born 24 June 1971) is an Australian former competitive swimmer, Olympic silver medallist, and a television sports commentator and radio presenter. Livingstone competed for Australia in three summer Olympics – 1988, 1992, and 1996 – winning both individual and team medals.


Nicole Livingstone, or, as we imaginatively call her at the time, “Dead Rock”, was in my class for a year when I was 13. Outside of the rarefied circles of Quora and Klingon linguistics, she is more famous than me.


Oh, what was my impression of her? Let’s just say, the onset of puberty is not a time that brings out the best in anyone. And in the unlikely event she remembers me, she’d say the same about me.

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