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If you do an extreme zoom, you will notice a sign with a cedar tree. That is as much as I could get while zooming past of the Maronite precinct of Nicosia.
May be an image of 1 person, road, street and text
The Maronites are Arabic speaking Catholics who mostly live in Lebanon, but a group of them have been living in Cyprus for centuries, around the town of Kormakitis. Some of them have moved to Nicosia, and their church and Village Association are on this street.
Cypriot Arabic has the surprising distinction of being the hardest dialect of Arabic for other Arabic speakers to understand. Massive influence from Greek. Sadly, now moribund: speakers are switching to Greek. Which, given Vatican II, means their mass is celebrated in vernacular Greek.
Presumably Standard vernacular Greek and not Cypriot vernacular Greek. Some Bridges are too far even for Vatican II.

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