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Hyphenated and Less-Hyphenated Greeks

By: | Post date: August 30, 2009 | Comments: 6 Comments
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John Cowan has asked me to post about Greek-Canadians. This is a challenge, since I know just about nothing about Greek-Canadians. But ignorance is not preventing me from posting about Acadia either, so here goes. Canada was one of the list of destinations for Greeks to seek a better life in—back when Greece was not […]


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Anon, commenting on my post mentioning the προσκυνημένοι, “those who have Bowed Down” (converts to Islam), responded: > Φωτιά και τζεκούρι, ε; Yup. And that made me think of Hamidiyah. For those not fortunate enough to be Greek, Anon is referring to what a fighter ordered during the Greek Revolutionary War (was it Kolokotronis?): “Fire […]

Those Who Have Bowed Down

By: | Post date: August 26, 2009 | Comments: 4 Comments
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This started out as a meditation on Acajack’s take on assimilated Acadians. I will still do that meditation, because it’s a rich vein to tap, but it’s not where this post has ended up, because I’d also been discussing with a friend about community politics among Australian Aborigines, and there was some cross-fertilisation of concepts. […]

Cavafy and his chickens

By: | Post date: May 6, 2009 | Comments: No Comments
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Found this today in the Greek blogosphere, and name-checking it for the English blogosphere: reminiscences from 1964 of an Egyptian colleague of Cavafy at his desk job in the Irrigation Dept, Alexandria, who was his underling and succeeded him when Cavafy retired. The original newspaper publication of the reminiscences has also been digitised by the […]

rur rur rur

By: | Post date: April 28, 2009 | Comments: 2 Comments
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Fishing for links to Greek linguistics blogs on my own Greek linguistics blog, I fell across this Catherine Tate sketch (for the second time) via Λογογράμματα: Hominid @ Λογογράμματα‘s comment was: Στους αγγλόφωνους, τουλάχιστον, οι υπόλοιπες γλώσσες δεν ακούγονται μόνο σαν βαρ, βαρ, βαρ… Ho esti methermēneuomenon: For Anglophones, at least, other languages don’t just […]

Animadversions on the Dutch and the Greek National Anthems

By: | Post date: March 27, 2009 | Comments: 9 Comments
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George asks me in comments whether the Greek suburb of Oakleigh put on any kind of a big deal for Greek Independence Day, on the 25th—or whether moving to a Greek suburb was all in vain. Well like I said, the point of moving to Oakleigh wasn’t that it was Greek, but that it was […]

Leaving Greece

By: | Post date: July 9, 2008 | Comments: No Comments
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Am leaving Greece (possibly in half an hour, possibly not) for Flanders. It’s been up and down; but yes, there have been good bits. More news when I have more time. Once again.

This is not my town

By: | Post date: July 7, 2008 | Comments: 1 Comment
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You’ll have noticed I’ve been offline for a little while. I was cooped up in my ancestral village, and am now in Sitia town, where I stayed as a kid: 1981 through 1983. Needless to say—but it’s still a shock when you realise it (again): this is not my town. This is not my culture, […]

In transit to Sitia

By: | Post date: July 4, 2008 | Comments: No Comments
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Just letting my avid readers know that I’m in transit from Athens to Sitia. I have a spare minute to update the blog, because the transit involved Olympic Airways (yes, it’s coming), and I was put on the Olympic bus to the 08:35 flight (wait for it) only to be taken off it ten minutes […]

Salonica: Coffee with Galerius

By: | Post date: July 1, 2008 | Comments: 2 Comments
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I had a morning catch up with my friend George Baloglou, who comes back to Salonica twice a year these days. It was going to be an altogether more philological morning than the preceding night. The philology started with me going berserk with photos of the Kamara, “The Arch” — better known as the Arch […]

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