Which Indian states are well known in other countries?

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I live in Australia, and I have not taken an especial interest in the states of India.

So. Data point. States I’ve heard of.

  • Assam. Because tea. (Also, in my case, because I know a linguist that worked on Assamese languages.)
  • Goa. Because Portuguese colony. And something to do with hippies.
  • Gujarat. Because, um, major ethnic group.
  • Kashmir. Because fabric, and flashpoint with Pakistan.
  • Kerala. Because communists, and very good education.
  • (I’ve heard of Nagaland, and I honestly don’t know why. Probably because of that Assam linguist.)
  • Punjab. Because, um, major ethnic group.
  • Rajasthan. Because tourist attractions.
  • Tamil Nadu. Because Tamils.
  • West Bengal. Because, um, major ethnic group.

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