Day: June 14, 2008

Opoudjis in acts of public diplomacy

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Boarding the flight to London in Melbourne, I overhear the couple with baby in front of me discussing with airport staff their transit to Brussels. The following conversation ensues: ME: Oh, so you’re going on to Brussels too. GUY: Yah. ME: My commiserations. *blink* GUY: ˈæktʊəliː, ai hiːr ɪt ɪz ə ˈwʊndəɹfuːl destɪˈneːʃən. ME: Oh. […]

My itinerary

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In re: Link My European trip, it is verily Teh Insane. Google Map linked above: View Larger Map The Madness starts Brussels 2008-06-15, ends Brussels 2008-07-10, and hardly lets up in between. Especially with the distressing news that my home town of Sitia, Crete, population 10,000, has had city-wide wireless for the past couple of […]

Back to opuculuk

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So I stumble back into the blogosphere, flick aside the cobwebs, pick up the uncollected mail, and take a deep breath. Not that I’m sure I will be blindingly good about this, but my European trip is making blogging a necessity, both for professional and personal record-keeping of where I am how. I’ll be work-blogging […]