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In re:

My European trip, it is verily Teh Insane. Google Map linked above:

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The Madness starts Brussels 2008-06-15, ends Brussels 2008-07-10, and hardly lets up in between. Especially with the distressing news that my home town of Sitia, Crete, population 10,000, has had city-wide wireless for the past couple of years
So no time off the internet until my day in the ancestral village Zakros (that’s Upper Zakros, the village of 700 people, not Lower Zakros, the Minoan Palace and tourist spot, which probably has just as much wireless).


  • tania says:

    great, i thought there was just some small mixup that’d be easy to fix 🙂

  • opoudjis says:

    In re: Nick Th.

    Nick, you’re the one posting from the States (or, as Paul Sidwell once described it to me, Occupied Polynesia)! Wouldn’t it be safer to leave the accurate descriptions of the sociopolitical status of the land — to those who are not already inmates? 🙂

  • opoudjis says:

    In re: Tania.

    Eh, uhum, *cough*. Slight malfunction with the time-space continuum there. I’ll talk to my people and see if I can’t fix that retrospectively. 🙂

  • Nick says:

    Yassu more!

    ευτυχές ταξίδι

    See you in the gulag sometime?

    Nick (t)

  • tania says:

    i’m sorry, the map doesn’t seem to be working properly for me – there’s no link up to iceland showing up?

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