Day: August 26, 2009

Those Who Have Bowed Down

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This started out as a meditation on Acajack’s take on assimilated Acadians. I will still do that meditation, because it’s a rich vein to tap, but it’s not where this post has ended up, because I’d also been discussing with a friend about community politics among Australian Aborigines, and there was some cross-fertilisation of concepts. […]

Spokesblogger for a Nation

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Montreal airport has the same Canadiana as Toronto airport. Airports sell humorous quirky takes on the local culture to inform the curious tourist—The Undutchables was all over Amsterdam airport. Toronto surtitled its Canadiana “Like Maple Syrup for the soul”. Montreal surtitled it “Comme sirop d’érable pour l’âme”. But it was the same English-language Canadiana in […]

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