Is it wrong and strange to like Richard Nixon?

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Stephen E. Ambrose wrote three volumes of biography on Nixon. At the start of his undertaking, he loathed Nixon, like most academics that had lived through Watergate. His wife, as it happened, was a Nixon supporter. By the end of the three volumes, they had swapped: Ambrose had developed a grudging respect for Nixon, his wife had come to loathe him.

You can look at the same data and come away with different conclusions, of course. Ambrose thought what Nixon was trying to do with foreign policy was truly visionary, if at times conflicted. Robert Dallek, in his Nixon and Kissinger, describes their foreign policy as attention-seeking flim flam.

Like David Goure said:

In some ways, Richard Nixon is such an amazing character study. Brilliant but with incredible flaws of an almost literary character.

A lot of people out there in TV Land have grudging respect for Frank Underwood. And Nixon was a far more effective president.

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