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Nick Nicholas’ answer to What are some human-made things you dislike or like that are present in South (and West) Cyprus?

Now, to my eyes, this statue of Makarios at the Archbishopric of Cyprus is a reasonable and respectful depiction of the Father of the Nation.

But my friend Vlado did not alight in the Cyprus of 1961. […] So he made merciless fun to me of Mecha-Makarios, trampling the streets of Nicosia and crushing all underneath.

Eutychius Kaimakkamis:

We can afford to be a little arrogant, not every country has a giant robotic religious leader at its disposal :^)…

I actually laughed out loud!

… You know, this gets a cartoon.


Μακάριος Γʹ Αρχιεπ. Κύπρου
Makarios III Archbishop of Cyprus

Cypriot motorist (in dialect):

Ρε Μακαριώτατε! Έλα να δεις ίντα ’ν’ πὄκαμες!
Oy, Your Beatitude! Now look what you’ve done!

(Pun being, Beatitude is Makariotatos, the superlative of Makarios.)

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