Who is Nick Nicholas?

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A2A by Michael Masiello, Edward Conway, Jean-Baptiste Bertrand

I can neither confirm nor deny that the following is a depiction of Michael and Edward encouraging me to answer this question:

The brutal history behind some of Parliament’s unusual traditions | Metro News

(And I mean, if it did, then which of Edward and Michael would get to be Justin, and which would get to be Rona Ambrose?)

(Consider your answer carefully, fellas. She likes Ayn Rand.)

Who’s Nick Nicholas, you ask? Why, there have been many renowned bearers of the name Nick Nicholas.

Big Nick Nicholas, for example. Né George Walker Nicholas. Jazz sax legend.

Nick J. Nicholas Jr., former co-chief executive officer of Time Warner Inc.

Nick Nicholas, pioneering anti-spam fighter.

Even in Greek, the Greek Wikipedia has a disambiguation page between the painter Nikos Nikolaou (1909–1986): Panayotis D. Cangelaris – Artist Nicos Nicolaou

(… ok…)

and a now retired Cypriot soccer player (born 1973).

Oh, and then there’s some guy on Quora.

Some guy who now finds himself in a conundrum.

  • Arrogant enough that I’ve been planning for months to write a series of blog posts here on who I am, in my various guises—partly as therapy, partly as advertising. And that’s still going to happen, people.
  • And yet humble enough that I actually cried when I saw this question. And I will not, NOT be A2A’ing people for what they think of me.
    • If, OTOH, any of you should feel like A2A’ing people, well, who am I to stop you.

Who am I? The answers by the others capture a lot of it, and I appreciate them. To my core. I’ll comment on each answer offered, but not yet: I’m still rather overwhelmed.

Here’s my take. And yes, each statement in this decalogue will end up a blog article.

  1. I’m Greek-Australian.
  2. I’ve trained as a linguist, and I have done computational linguistics stuff.
  3. I work in schools IT policy.
  4. Long history of engagement with artificial languages.
  5. I’m a middle-aged cishet man, recently married, no kids.
  6. Loud as a poor coverup for shyness, and with one’s usual share of psychological baggage.
  7. I play the mandolin badly and the violin worse.
  8. Politically centre-left blah.
  9. Culturally Christian but Atheist.
  10. I post too much here.

EDIT: The Decalogue of Nick by Nick Nicholas on Opɯdʒɯlɯklɑr In Exile

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