Day: January 7, 2017

Why are Arab and Latin American countries so obsessed with Turkish TV shows?

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I know that Greeks obsessed with Latin American telenovelas, and now obsess with Turkish soaps. My uninformed guess: Many countries’ romantic dramas feature overt sentimentality and melodrama. They spend a lot of time emphasising the romantic relationship between protagonists, and they do so overtly—music, longing gazes, dialogue. American soaps feature plenty of melodrama too. But […]

What will you never do in your whole life and why?

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Mez, I am one who strives not to be judgemental, including on myself. (I fail a lot on the latter.) I associate that with not ruling things out; you don’t know what might happen, and what you might find yourself driven to. For Man is a Giddy Creature, as Shakespeare said somewhere. But I’ve got […]