Gramsci: Prison Notebooks

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Prison Notebooks – Wikipedia

I like using the word hegemony. I like it a lot. I even made reference here recently to the hegemony of meat pies in Australia.

So I’m chatting to Janna today. Janna is not on this forum.

And Janna says, “If you want to know about hegemony, you’ve just got to read Gramsci. Prison Notebooks.”

And I say, “… I don’t read any more, babe. Just history.”

Now. Go to Google Images, and look up “Withering Look”

You got it?

Good. Because that’s what I got from Janna.

Janna then remembered that Gramsci just kept writing while he was in prison, and writing, and writing, because he had nothing better to do. Janna had not volunteered the information that Gramsci wrote THREE THOUSAND PAGES.

And bless her, Janna recommended a precis.…, linked from Wikipedia, is 800 pp. Does that count as a precis?

Suggestions about pre-reading reading welcome.

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