Can you write a poem about yourself?

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jIDel’eghmeH jIbomchugh, chay’ vIta’?
ghopwIj roSHa’moH qaD, ’ej jatwIj qa’.
.i mi te pemci mi .ei ta’i ma
.i go’i lesedu’u mi mo da
Kiel poemi pri mi mem? Ĉu praa
la stilo estu? Aŭ ĉu forbalaa?
De memet si canendum, fulmina
extinguant niteantque carmina.
Περὶ ἐμοῦ εἰ γέγραφ’ ἀγαθά,
ψευδῶς· ψευδῶς γ’ εἰ πλεῖστα χαλεπά.
A poem on myself? It won’t scan far.
Best leave it be. Best leave things as they are.
Ποίημα λέει για τα μας; Αλλού αυτά.
Ιδού η Κβόρα· ιδού το πήδημα.

[Klingon] If I were to sing in order to describe myself, how shall I accomplish it?
The challenge paralyses my hand, and it replaces my tongue.
[Lojban] I will be the author of a poem about me, the obligation is; in what method?
I will do so about the concept that, for x, I shall be in what relation to x?
[Esperanto] How shall I poem about my own self? Should the style
be primordial? Or should it be sweeping things away?
[Latin] If it is time for songs to be sung about me myself, let songs
extinguish and ignite thunderbolts.
[Ancient Greek] If I have written about myself good things,
it’s false; and all the more false if most things are harsh.
[English] A poem on myself? It won’t scan far.
Best leave it be. Best leave things as they are.
[Modern Greek] A poem about us, he says? Pull the other one.
Here’s Quora; here’s the leap.*

*The Boasting Traveler – Fables of Aesop:

A Traveler, on returning, boasted of the many and heroic deeds he had performed. Among those he boasted that when in Rhodes he had leaped further than anyone else found possible and that he could call upon many in Rhodes who could stand as a witness. “There is no need of witnesses,” said a bystander, “simply pretend this is Rhodes and leap for us.”

[In Archaising Modern Greek: “Here’s Rhodes, and here’s the leap.”]

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