How do rural people dress/look like in your country?

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If you’d asked this question 100 years ago, Pegah, I could give you an interesting answer. Then again, if you’d asked this question 100 years ago, you would have been my sworn enemy, and there’d have been no Quora to ask me this through anyway.


Australia is absurdly urbanised, and those of us in the cities really don’t know enough about those of us in the country—even though our national mythology is all about how the country is where the Real Australians are.

We do know they listen to country music. We know that they wear jeans even more than urban Australians do.

And we know they all wear hats.

You can tell Lee Kernaghan is a Real Australian. He’s a country singer. And he wears a hat. A real Australian Akubra hat.

McLeod’s Daughters all wore hats (some of the time). It was a soap set in the country, with empowered female leads. Who wore hats some of the time. And jeans.

… This *is* safe to show in Iran, isn’t it? 🙂

I haven’t seen many hats in country Victoria. But I don’t think country Victoria is where the Real Australians are. It’s more the fine food and wine provedore for Melbourne, where urban Australians go to eat nice things. (And it’s a provedore, because that’s the kind of snobs we are.)

The hats seem to be more a NSW/Queensland thing. With sheep stations. And a Wide Brown Land. And Country Music.

The agrarian populist politician Bob Katter is from Queensland. He always wears a hat:

Alas, I am an effete urban Australian. The closest I’ve ever come to wearing a Real Australian hat was when I was in Texas:

Howdy pardner.

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