Do you consciously live your life as “Being-towards-death” (or any comparable idea)? How does it affect your daily life, if at all?

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Ah, Desmond. I am a philosophy dolt, and I take no pride in that. But I have dreaded death since I associated Alice Cooper with the Boogeyman when I was 6, and I’ve had different responses to it. Fear, denial, self-aggrandisement. (That was my twenties: “I’ll write the definitive grammar of mediaeval Greek”, “I’ll get all my papers laminated and sent to Spitzbergen.”)

In my forties, I have reverted to a verse I wrote in my teens, in Esperanto, about what the apocalypse might look like, and which features here: Nick Nicholas’ answer to If Earth were to explode in 10 hours, what would you do?

Ni iris — laborejen. Malkontraŭ la malbeno.
We went — to the office. Un-against the un-blessing.

I won’t fight Death. And I won’t allow Death the victory of overawing me, or paralysing me, or making me have one last riotous spree, or doing any goddamned thing differently. I will go about my business.

Or as that Greek folk song put it (a little less morosely):

Alas I’m forty by Nick Nicholas on Opɯdʒɯlɯklɑr In Exile

και από τσι χάρες τση ζωής τσι πλια όμορφες θα πάρω,
να αφήσω αποδιαλέουρα στον κερατά το Χάρο.

I’ll sample all the best life has to give.
The leftovers—that bastard Death can have.

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