Do you think UKrainian-Australian olena khamula is pretty or not?

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I’ve made this a survey question.

This is a purely subjective opinion, as all such questions are. It is informed by Nick Nicholas’ answer to Do you think Australian singer Delta Goodrem is pretty?:

Individual: Not really into blondes, man.

As opposed to Season 3 Australian Bachelor Richie Strahan, who was only into blondes, man, and voted one brunette off the island after another.

Myself? Nah. I react badly to culture telling me “you must find this blonde attractive!” to begin with, and her persona was too impassive. (Persona, of course, is all you get on this show anyway.)

“Ooh, she’s so exotic!” “Ooh, she’s so mysterious!” “Ooh, she’s so blonde!” Meh. She’s a reality TV contestant that happened to have a foreign accent, and didn’t do much else.

And if we’re going to go “Ooh, she’s so Eastern European”? Then Sasha Zhuravlyova :

  1. Had much more of a personality
  2. Had much cooler hair
  3. Ate her rose during the first rose ceremony

My superficial picks, if that’s what we’re going to do?

Of the blondes in that season, Nikki Grogan (second from right); and it was risky of the producers to have her lose, after editing her so sympathetically. (Persona, of course, is all you get on this show anyway.) Of the contestants in that season overall, Rachael Gouvignon (middle), the Lone Brunette Survivor, as she herself smirked.

With the proviso that I don’t even remember the bottom half of exilees (including the two that hooked up after the show: Tiffany and Megan, was it?), and that Gouvignon paraded around an episode in a bikini. (Oh, google it yourselves, I’m embarrassing myself enough already.)

God Save Us All.

EDIT: In fact, I remembered Tiffany and Megan so little, I didn’t even pick them out in the photo. They’re the leftmost and rightmost blondes in the bottom photo.

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