Famous Bamboo Chinese Restaurant

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Greece is a culturally conservative place overall, and there is nothing wrong with that. That includes cuisine. American fast food has been entrenched for decades. Italian cuisine is rather easy to get even in the countryside, and that includes fine dining and not just pizza. They certainly knew how to use truffle oil in Karpathos.

But other cuisines are only hesitantly turning up at all, especially outside of Athens. And when it is attempted, you can wish it wasn’t. Both times I’ve had Mexican in Salonica, I’d wished I didn’t. Sitia, quite incredibly, has a combination Japanese and Chinese restaurant, and I simply wasn’t game to find out what they had come up with.
This may well be an acceptable Chinese restaurant, for all I know. But the combination of cheese and wontons makes me think it is not somewhere anyone Chinese would be rushing to go.
I was going to sneer that not a word on the shop front being in Greek shows you no Greek is going to set foot in such an exotic place either. But that would apply to Greece in 1970, not 2023. You cannot leave the house in Greece now without understanding English.

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