Greeks mangling English

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Poster sighed in Athens, for a book fair.

May be an image of poster, signboard and text that says "οι ΕΚΔΟΣΕΙΣ Î‘ÎpΑ ΣΤΗ ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΗ aropa ΚΥΨΕΛΗΣ BAZAAR2 ΠΑΡΑΣΚΕΥΗ 16, ΣΑΒΒΑΤΟ 17 & ΚΥΡΙΑΚΗ 18 ΙΟΥΝΙΟΥ ΩΡΕΣ ΛΕΙΤΟΥΡΓΙΑΣ: ΠΑΡΑΣΚΕΥΗ & ΣΑΒΒΑΤΟ 09.00-21.00, ΚΥΡΙΑΚΗ 11.00-20.30 ΦΩΚΙΩΝΟΣ ΝΕΓΡΗ 42, ΚΥΨΕΛΗ 600 ΤΙΤΛΟΙ ΒΙΒΛΙΩΝ ΜΕ 50% ΠΡΟΣΦΟΡΕΣ ΚΑΙ ΠΟΛΛΑ ΔΩΡΑ Πεζογραφία, ποίηση. δοκίμια, αστυνομικά, φωτογραφικά καί καλλιτεχνικά λευκώματα, παιδικά, άρχαία έλληνική καί βυζαντινή γραμματολογία maik info@agra.g Facebook: Agra.Publications astagram agrapubs Blog: AIPA"

If only Greek have been in contact with a Near Eastern language, from which it could have already borrowed the word bazaar.
Oh wait…
What’s that? The word παζάρι means “market” so it wouldn’t work here?
Why? What exactly do you think “bazaar” means here to begin with? It’s a book fair, not palm dates and camel meat…
This poster did my head in even more, but Facebook crashed when I was about to post it.
May be an image of text
It is, I think, an ad for a poetry slam.
All very street, all very hip, but still. Poets. Whose business is the potential of the Greek language. Even in hip hop.
The event is called:
Who is Meïkhem, you ask?
The contemporary Greek language, as I would expect a goddamn poet to apprehend, however Street they may be, has a dozen words for mayhem. Κομφούζιο, αλαλούμ, αφασία, το έλα να δεις, μπάχαλο, αναστάτωση, γης Μαδιάμ.
But noooo. It has to be in English to be street talk, for the same reason socialites here in the ’50s parroted undigested French.
Not that “mayhem” is particularly Street in English to begin with.
Schmucks. That street enough for ya?

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