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Elithiolexitherophobia and Coeliomyophilia

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(This post hyperlinks to the Old Perseus interface, because the New Perseus interface is unusable and unacceptably slow. Something regrettably common with upgrades…) (This post is rated M for Mmmm… Prurience…) Seen over someone’s shoulder in today’s MX, the daily free publication of Teh Stoopid, which has already occasioned Your Obt Svt’s notice. 2009-10-07, p. […]

Australian Secessionisms

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Léo Langlois reasonably asks why on earth I’m obsessing about Quebec (and now Acadia). That’s still a future post, though I’ve dropped hints already in comments. John Cowan reasonably asks why I’m defending federalism, and have I not had dark thoughts of seceding from the Commonwealth of Australia, like New Yorkers had of joining the […]

20-to-01: Screw You, Channel Nine

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There’s plenty a thing I’ve missed by not following network TV in the past decade. There’s plenty more that it’s just as well I’ve missed. My blood boils, my pores distend, my hands wrench into a strangling motion at the shlock, the pettiness, the smugness, the sanctimonious rejoicing at others’ misfortune, the proof of the […]

Andy Burns to poker smokers

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MX is a free give-away newspaper in Melbourne. It is published by the same mob as the Herald-Sun—but its vocabulary is even simpler. Its sentences are really short. Its paragraphs are short too. Like this. It also has lame-ass punning headlines—much like this post about a piece by Andy Burns. It’s light reading meant to […]


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I endite a tale of wrath.     I endite a tale of woe.I endite a tale with purpose.     I purpose that you too will HELP BANKRUPT OLYMPIC AIRWAYS I come to fly at nine.I come with flights of wayfarers.I view the flights departing.I queue with Salonica–Stuttgart.(“Wir können alles außervon Athen, ausgezeichnet, ausfliegen.”) HELP BANKRUPT OLYMPIC AIRWAYS Salonica–Stuttgart standsa […]

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