How similar is Australian culture and Californian culture?

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It’s a comparison you hear often (“Australia: a combination of the best parts of California and England”), and it’s not unfounded:

  • Both are warmish—by Anglosphere standards
  • Both are informal—by Anglosphere standards (insert “by Anglosphere standards” in all the following)
  • Both are outgoing and friendly according to their own self-perception
  • Both prioritise a relaxed lifestyle
  • Both promote a beach culture
  • Both have discovered winemaking
  • Both have had (at least historically) a sense of optimism about the future
  • Both got established through gold rushes

Having lived in both, California is still much closer to the American norm than anything in Australia, and I think the similarities are on the superficial side. For example, both are outgoing and friendly, but I still found Californians to be too in-your-face for me.

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